Wise legal business

Udrescu & Associates Law Firm gathers together a team of highly trained and highly experienced lawyers and legal advisors whose expertise cover the entire spectrum of legal matters that a company may face.

Our main strength is the ability to design a legal solution that wisely blends into the general business framework of the client and, in time, makes it part of a sophisticated management procedures. This is not yet another buzz-word as it comes from our lawyers’ long experience as internal legal advisors for major companies operating in key and diverse industries from oil and gas and pharma to infrastructure and on-line commerce.

We love to negotiate as our lawyers have been involved during the years in bringing together people and businesses, helping them to find a mutually beneficial legal solution.

We love to litigate, fiercely and wisely defending our clients’ rights and interests as we are well-prepared, professionally clever, clinical and outwitting.

We teamed-up with other highly experienced lawyers based in the most important business cities across Romania and therefore we are able to offer wise legal advice and legal representation wherever our clients need it most.